Thursday, 27 September 2012

My spider story

This morning room 17 were talking about white tail spiders. White tail spider bites with there fangs and leaves red mark that can cause swelling. They only bite when there squashed or when there hungry. Most girls screams when they see it or when they feel it.White tail spiders are very hairy and they use there palps grooming and tasting.    

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My weekend.

In the weekend I went to my cousin house in Panmure and we made a hungi. In the first tray we put in taro,potatoes and pumpkins. The second tray we put pork,kumara and chicken. We then started covering it up with taro leaves then we placed all of the rocks on top of it and around it, everything was ready its going to take four to five hours to cook. 

While we were waiting,some of us played touch and the others went inside the house to watch a movie called, The Last Airbender. I couldn’t wait for the hungi to be ready,I was starving! It was time to take the hungi out,we got everything ready and set up the tables,finally it was time to eat,the hungi was worth the wait!