Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

How To Save Money.

How can we save money? You can save money by switching off the plug after your using it or by turning off the light you need it. And you can also save money by have a 3 min shower couse you save the hot walter so you don’t have pay that much for  the walter bill.

Another way is to think before you buy. For example when your parents send you to the shop to buy one thing then you decide to buy something else like chips lollies and a drink with the leftover change.  Imagine if you didn’t and you saved this loose change.  You would be able to save up a good amount to buy something you really want.  A pair of shoes?  Game?  

Looking closely at the specials at the local supermarket can help a lot too.   You can compare prices of items.  Deciding which is best for your budget. comparing to all items to see which is the best cost quality and price.