Thursday, 15 October 2015

Survivor Assembly

As I walked into the hall I saw a lot of teachers dressed up in different kind of costumes. Team 1s show was about the zoo and they did a karaoke. The song was called roar by Katy Perry. It's time for team 2 on the stage. Team 2s movie was about them dancing to a song and they were dressed up as dinosaurs.

During the assembly team 4 teachers put together a movie about different animals and the different habitat that they come from. In their movie they had kids on green screen guessing what kind of animal is behind them.

Lastly it was time for team 5 to go on the stage to do their skit. Their show was about eating noodles with chopsticks. All the teachers were struggling to use the chopsticks. At the end of the skit it was all about adaptation. The show was finished and Miss Clark was the winner.