Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mine-craft game

Have played a game named mine-craft well hares a pitcher of it is int it cool.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

xtra math

Xtra math is very cool I get to race the teacher 2 times

My weekend.

My weekend was so cool guest what I did.I rode my bmx bike to my brothers house just down the road from my house.when I got there it was just my brother and nephew there so I went in to the lang and played call of duty black ops. Then I felt hungry so I press start it poursed for me.I walked and looked in the fridge and got out one chocco bar and ate it MM MM that nice.

My 2 best players.

My coolest sport is rugby I like playing for my school and club. I play in the backs every time I get the ball I kick it befor the other team gets it and get a try. My best rugby player is Johna lomu because of how he runs and how he fends and scows try for his team. Daniel carter is my 2nd best one to I like it when he kicks the ball when his team scores a point.